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Old 3rd June 2020
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Tritonaudio FetHead vs. FetHead Germanium

Hello there,

in case anyone is interested: since I couldn't really find a good comparison between the two FetHead Versions, I made one myself.

I recently bought a matched stereo pair of the Nohype Audio LRM-2b ribbon mics. I love these mics, they sound great on almost anything, but of course the preamps of my Focusrite Clarett 4Pre Interface have to be pushed to literally their limit when recording a picked nylon guitar with them.

So I bought the two FetHead versions and made some tests with the ribbons, each with a FetHead and with different instruments. I think the difference is subtle but audible. Generally, for me the germanium version made the sound a bit more "open", with more high mids and a little less bass. BUT also it had less gain than the normal version although it should even have 2 dB more (29 vs. 27 for the normal version), and to my ears a little bit more noise.

What do you think? Do you hear a difference? Which version do you prefer?

Guitars and shaker played roughly in 50-70cm distance to the mics, double bass ca 1m, voice maybe 30cm. Please excuse my blatantly low singing skills. Chain: LRM-2b as close as I could put them near each other, into the different FetHeads, into the Clarett 4Pre, "Air" setting of the interface off, no further processing.
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doublebass_germanium.wav (3.70 MB, 2796 views)

doublebass_normal.wav (3.70 MB, 2768 views)

nylonguitar1_germanium.wav (6.31 MB, 2860 views)

nylonguitar1_normal.wav (6.31 MB, 2847 views)

shaker_germanium.wav (861.4 KB, 2790 views)

shaker_normal.wav (861.4 KB, 2791 views)

steelguitar_germanium.wav (2.19 MB, 2860 views)

steelguitar_normal.wav (2.19 MB, 2845 views)

voice_germanium.wav (2.24 MB, 2971 views)

voice_normal.wav (2.24 MB, 2956 views)