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Old 3rd June 2020
Here for the gear

PSI A215-M, still the best ?

I am looking for all-in-one (no subs!) main monitors for a relatively small room (20m²).

ATC/Kii/Barefoot unfortunately seem out of budget,
Focal is too fatiguing IMO,
PMC too shy in mids IMO.

Currently I have the Amphion One18s, love them mid-wise but they are a bit blunt for my room and lack bass, hence the need for a more complete solution.

From what I read, PSI A215-M have a nice sweet spot, very nice bass and adapt quite well to small rooms with limited treatment. A25M are more expensive and they are said to need larger rooms.

Is there anything else better in 2020 ? I can strike a €4K deal for a used pair, I don't think I can find a better value ratio, can I ? Any users experience ?