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Hi HelloHead...

Yes, I was prepared to be underwhelmed by the U87ai (based on many of the forum comments I’ve read), and if you didn’t EQ it whatsoever to suit your ear, or perhaps don’t pair it with the right mic pre, then yes, it is a neutral mic (and could sound “non-standout” to some), but this thing can sound really extraordinary, as long as you have the ability to change EQ settings and have it in a complementary signal chain.

I would rather have a neutral mic that can sound amazing on any source (with some fine-tuning of settings) than a bold colored mic that is less able to be shaped for a wide range of sources.

Anyway, there are a lot of great mics there, and the U87 is an industry standard for a reason.
I find that the c800g has no cream sometimes, it's too real, too bright, too 3d. There's no smoothness and no "vintage ness" to it. That's it's downfall sometimes, it's a mic where you better have an idea of what you're planning to accomplish before spitting into it. The u87ai on the other hand (and u67), feel like it's leading you during the performance, so you can sing in it and get emotion behind your takes. If you dont already have that emotion with the c800g, I find it doesn't translate. I find you can't work the mic.

On the other hand, the u87ai, u67, even manley ref c, you can work it during the performance.

Which is why I dont get the fascination with the c800g, because if you aren't really good and credible right off the bat, it will capture the take sure, but I can't tell you how many times I've had to do and redo takes to get the take I was satisfied with, because there wasnt enough emotion behind it initially. u87ai feels like a condenser sm57, you can really work the mic to get it there.

To everyone obsessed with bright and clear mics, I'm sorry but, unless you're already someone, no one jumps on a c800g and gets traction, it's just too commercial sounding right off the bat. I think it's a mic for already established artists in my opinion.