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Old 3rd June 2020
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Neumann U87ai + UA 6176 = Wow!

Hi Everyone,

I recently received a Neumann U87ai, and yesterday for the first time, I took it for a test-listen.

I paired it with my UA 6176 tube channel strip, adding just a notch of high end and low end EQ (from the 6176), and set the compressor input/outputs to 10:00 & 2:00 ‘Dr. pepper’ setting.

And wow.

What a sound. Just an amazing warm rich detailed sound.

For reference, I also have a Mojave MA-1000 (which I also really like, and will record a sample soon), and today, I am expecting a Lauten Audio Eden (with its 3 voice settings, which I look forward to testing and comparing).

(I also quickly added a little mandolin and banjo on the 2nd and 3rd track of the tune, all via a MixPre 10).

I know some people somehow bash or downplay the U87ai. I mean, yes, it is a neural mic. But that means with a change of EQ settings, you can shape it into the tone that you want, and absolutely can make it sound extraordinary.

I just wanted to share my experience.

I do have a very rough test recording (not mixed, and just a partial song improvised on the spot), but I think it shows what the U87ai combined with the 6176 can sound like. The file is a HQ wave file (saved to my Google Drive), and I believe you need either a laptop or desktop to play it (I don’t think that mobile devices recognize the file):