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Too dampened ht room, advice needed

Dear All,

I have a 90% ready ht room, I did some measurements with REW, and realised that the RT60 value is 150 ms from 3-4-500 hz and above on all of the channels except the sub. More details follows.
The room dimensions are width : 374 cm, height: 230 cm and length: 612 cm.
The floor is carpet and 6 mm rubber floor. Ceiling is halltex soundproofing tiles.
Walls are made of 10 cm rockwool 70 kg/m3. one layer of Osb and one layer of blue accoustic gypsum sheet. Behind the at screen rockwool absorption panels.
I will attach pics about the left front chanel, but the RT60 value is basically the same for all of them. Finally I will include the whole rew file , maybe it will be useful for somebody willing to help me !
I need your help to decide how badly is dampened my room, and how can I improve the above mentioned RT60 value. Around the side walls I have not installed any treatments, so I am sure I will have to install some. In the first run, I want to install some reflective surfaces on the sidewalls, like plywood, to increase the total amount of reflective surfaces. Please, advise me.

Thanks a lot in advance for your prompt help !


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