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I usually don’t compress when tracking. There is an insane amount of headroom nowadays, why would you need to? Really taking your time and being picky about mic placement and not just jamming a mic at every sound source can certainly eliminate the need for a lot of EQ.

I can understand your perspective on headroom coming from an era where dynamics, signal to noise ratio are all extremely important. A lot of modern mixes really are reliant on each element having dynamics "pinned" so to speak, which isn't going to be everyone's flavour from the heavily focused analog domain. This is fortunately / unfortunately just what is required/ expected from clients nowadays to get that big polished commercial mix sound. It has become the standard aesthetic. Drawing in the desired dynamics in post lends to a consistent, more "controllable" sound. I remember reading James Meeker's guide on approach on GS years ago and I had that "aha" moment where it all made sense. Nothing beats listening to old Fleetwood Mac records though for those authentic dynamics played with excellent musicianship