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Hadn’t bought a new main music computer in 12 years. Did some research and saw eBay things had really said “f*** that!” and ordered a Windows XP tower with legacy PCI. At least now I have double RAM and a faster processor.

Maybe I’ll actually move to something modern in another 10 I have a W10 laptop so that’s enough.

Got the Audigy front port in black this time to go along with it.

Totally decorating my studio and actually hooking everything up. Dark grey walls, pink lights, little lights under each tier of synths on a 6 tier stand.

Like a faded future noir look.

Needed a decent mixer, did some research and found this one second hand for slightly cheaper than a new MG10. The Reverb is actually decent! The sound quality in general is great.

Also bought a f***ton of various cables.