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I haven't read the whole thread or listened to the OP.

The fact of the matter as I see it... you have three broad choices.

(1) Try to make it a career. You want to be exceptionally hard working and lucky, and probably have some talent too. Not relevant for this thread.

(2) Do your thing at home and not give a ****. Not relevant for this thread.

(3) Try to find your "tribe" locally and hope they appreciate what you do and provide you with a bit of an audience. Make it all about community and local events, networking and mutual support. This means tracking down local artists - maybe in a fairly wide variety of styles - messaging them, meeting them, going to gigs and clubs, promoting THEIR stuff as much as you do your own. This takes a lot of time and some money. With no guarantees.

The facts are everything is free on the net... if you're not trying to be a current pop act or compete quality wise with all time greats (this is quite hard, even if you mean all time greats in your genre only!) then there is literally no reason for anyone to listen to you. Unless you are all part of a local scene, a local community and network.

edit - I live in a town of around 70,000 people. Maybe there's 300,000 within 15 miles.

I follow - techno, modular, punk, noise, experimental, noise rock, psych, garage, doom, drone, indie, shoegaze, some hip hop, psyche locally

I ignore - most metal, all blues / classic rock, covers bands, jazz, anything pre-1966, country, blues, pop, r and b, most rap and hip-hop, EDM, DnB, house

It's a real struggle to keep up with the stuff I follow EVEN THOUGH I AM FOLLOWING A TINY GEOGRAPHIC AREA OUTSIDE OF LONDON. There is too much music. I'd argue that you should be forced to DJ 20 times or play live 5 times before your allowed to put a song on the net! That would be a great gatekeeper. Seriously, everyone stop releasing unless people like it. Concentrate on community, gigs and club nights and sets in unusual spaces locally instead. More bang average MP3s makes the world worse - more people getting off their arse putting on events makes the world better.
Thanks for the info, are you a full time artist?