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I dont mean suck as in, it's bad to listen to. The right word I should have used is "unappealing". It's unappealing because there's a lot of other artists that can do that style of music better, in a more appealing way.

If you bring listeners in and you can't keep them interested, then your music is unappealing to them, there's no word of mouth, no one will share the music online, to their friends.

I hate to say it but that's the truth. Most music being made by indie people isn't good enough. You listen to a guy like Flume, and you can tell that he has a ton of talent, that's why people gravitated to his music early and will keep doing that.
That's quite a good point actually. To attract listeners, you can either be the best/most appealing at a given style (which will probably involve being pretty brutal with your artistic integrity), or go your own way for your own artistic reasons and sink or swim on the results.

Being quite good at a style that others are significantly better at isn't going to attract many people.

(Flume is pretty awesome at what he does too - funnily enough he lives a few streets away when he's in Aus!).

Lizzo has had another hit, but I think she's riding that first big song she released.
She's definitely got plenty of time though - very new breakthrough there!

Lewis Capaldi is actually an amazing writer, and I think he'll come out with another song.
He's also a very strong album artist - the album is as successful as the singles (and a great poster boy for looks not being everything...!)

Where is the girl who did all about that bass? What about Tove Lo? They have careers but they're dead in the water to me and to everyone else.
Hmm, whilst Meghan Trainor might not have been as omnipresent as she was with "All About That Bass" she's had a few biggish follow ups - at least over here. She was on the Trolls soundtrack wasn't she?

Will be interesting to see how Tones and I, and others fair after a mega-smash. Whilst it's obviously amazing to have that level of success, it can be an albatross (I worked a lot with Kaz James, half of Bodyrockers who had a massive smash with "I Like the Way You Move"...he reworked stuff to death trying to make a follow up).