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You make some good points but you are clearly missing one thing from denstrow's posts:

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So to the OP. You really want to have a career?
No he doesn't and has stated that very clearly. Your advise pertains to people that indeed want to have commercial success with their music. That isn't what denstrow is looking for according to his own words.

That said, you are right about the music side: It has to be good enough or it won't appeal. It has to be good enough both musically and production/mix wise or it won't take off. This applies both to commercial music and non-commercial music.

I agree with your comments about pop music. It see it like surfing. You have to see the wave coming and be ready to jump on your plank to catch it. (Understanding and feeling the Zeitgeist). You have to be on the crest of the wave. If you are too late, if you are behind the crest, you are out of the race. If you drop of your plank, you are out of the race. Etc.

It is the artists that can catch that crest, either by luck or intent, and remain on that crest, that have long term success.

And to everyone in this thread who are saying, this or that is not true, this is how it's done etc, you better have some kind of success doing what you do, not as an engineer but as a recording artist or an Anr or a label person.

If you dont, you're not spreading any useful knowledge, and if you disagree with this or that, well who cares what you think, are you in the trenches like me and others are? No, so I say stfu, get some humble pie and let credible people spew their knowledge.

Don't spread knowledge or assumptions or advice if you've had no tangible success in the industry, especially as an artist.

I'm telling it like it is, I know very much what's going on out there and I have 6 years under my belt of not just barely making it by as an artist, but carving out a nice music career for myself, striving on the platforms that matter and creating decent wealth out of my talents.

I repeat: Unless you're doing that right now, you have no right to come in this thread and spew misinformation, or giving advice on what you think is the right way when you dont have a striving career as an artist. If you knew what the right way was, you'd have a successful music career too, and then you'd have credibility to give advice to someone who's looking for it. I'm so sick of people giving bad advice to people when they dont know what they're talking about. Disagree with how the music industry is, sure, but that's how it is and if you're so knowledgeable, steer it in a different direction
What is your artist name? I'm curious to hear your work.