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The irony on this thread got real!
When we throw around words like "suck" I just kind of tune that person out. I can't tell you how many times I have had to endure people telling me such-and-such an artist sucks when they just don't have a connection to the music. Who is appointed arbiter of taste?
Music (pop) is a very right now thing. It's like Amazon, wallmart, etc. it's not made to last, it's made to appeal quickly, mash the dopamine button, and is something slick and highly disposable as tastes quickly change. At some point popular music really detached itself from the arts in that regard. I find it difficult to even imagine that a musician could toil in relative obscurity, be discovered fifty years after her death, and then get canonized as one of the masters. You're lucky to get canonized now if you've sold ten million records, otherwise you just suck.
It really got me when we were slagging off Joy Division and Limp Bizkit in the same breath. I'm not into Joy Divison at all, but... really?
I dont mean suck as in, it's bad to listen to. The right word I should have used is "unappealing". It's unappealing because there's a lot of other artists that can do that style of music better, in a more appealing way.

If you bring listeners in and you can't keep them interested, then your music is unappealing to them, there's no word of mouth, no one will share the music online, to their friends.

I hate to say it but that's the truth. Most music being made by indie people isn't good enough. You listen to a guy like Flume, and you can tell that he has a ton of talent, that's why people gravitated to his music early and will keep doing that.

To be appealing, you need to say something pretty strong through the music, and say it consistently. All the big artists that are out there, they all started somewhere, they weren't popular right away, they had a strong message that resonated. You think guys like the Weeknd, Drake, Migos, Ed Sheeran, Eminem, they were talented when they first came on the scene and are still talented now, they're just way more commercialized now, but they all started somewhere.They all have a story behind them and they cling to it strong, they didnt come in and thought, ok, let's make music to make money. **** no!

If you don't break out in your 20s, you better be friggin good at what you do (or have a shtick like Psy), because it gets harder and harder to get recognition as you hit your 30s, 40s etc. And this goes to one hit wonders too. You better follow up with something great, or else you'll spend many years battling depression sometimes (as I've witnessed firsthand).

From what I can see with one hit wonders right now.

Lil Nas X released Panini after his hit song, and I already think he's in a downhill slope and gone.

Lizzo has had another hit, but I think she's riding that first big song she released.

Lewis Capaldi is actually an amazing writer, and I think he'll come out with another song.

Surf Mesa is going Viral, and I dont think he'll have anything else, he's the next Kungs.

Supalonely is another viral song, and I really doubt that the artist will have another hit.

Where is the girl who did all about that bass? What about Tove Lo? They have careers but they're dead in the water to me and to everyone else.

Roddy Ricch has multiple hits, and he'll stay for a while especially if he sticks with Mustard as his producer.

Post Malone will stay for a long while ( and someone will cash in by emulating him, that's my prediction).

Travis Scott is a real artist, he doesnt make traditional hits but they become hits.

Lil Tecca had one of the most streamed songs last year, and I think he's done. It's hard to follow through after your first hit.

Basically, all I do as an artist is to try to predict what's next. I think anti government songs will be coming back strong and Black music will keep dominating because there's a strong guiding voice behind a lot of black artists right now.

So to the OP. You really want to have a career? Start a project, and try to make songs that can go viral. And that goes to every serious artists who are reading this right now. Make something that could go viral, make it quirky, funny, make it culture based etc. If you can make it trend on Tik Tok, you have a career.

Btw, I've disagreed plenty with Bob Lefsetz throughout the years, but if you're young and serious about having a music career, you got to follow his newsletter, he has a ton of knowledge on what it takes to make it.

And to everyone in this thread who are saying, this or that is not true, this is how it's done etc, you better have some kind of success doing what you do, not as an engineer but as a recording artist or an Anr or a label person.

If you dont, you're not spreading any useful knowledge, and if you disagree with this or that, well who cares what you think, are you in the trenches like me and others are? No, so I say stfu, get some humble pie and let credible people spew their knowledge.

Don't spread knowledge or assumptions or advice if you've had no tangible success in the industry, especially as an artist.

I'm telling it like it is, I know very much what's going on out there and I have 6 years under my belt of not just barely making it by as an artist, but carving out a nice music career for myself, striving on the platforms that matter and creating decent wealth out of my talents.

I repeat: Unless you're doing that right now, you have no right to come in this thread and spew misinformation, or giving advice on what you think is the right way when you dont have a striving career as an artist. If you knew what the right way was, you'd have a successful music career too, and then you'd have credibility to give advice to someone who's looking for it. I'm so sick of people giving bad advice to people when they dont know what they're talking about. Disagree with how the music industry is, sure, but that's how it is and if you're so knowledgeable, steer it in a different direction

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