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Any suggestion is welcome.
First of all and most important the frequency makeup of your voice and his is totally different. He has low mids in his voice to begin with( and he is nasal). Your voice is lighter in the low mids, and you are singing with more head voice. If you want more low mids than lower the key so you sing the song more in your chest.

But the song may not sound the same.

Secondly the rooms where these tracks are recorded are totally different. The first vocal is recorded in a much tighter space. Your vocal is recorded in a space where you can hear the resonances from the room. Find a space that is tighter sounding to record.

Lastly, as good of a mic as the Ref C may be, it still may not be the best mic for your voice. Keep looking and trying out mics till you find the one. The rest of the chain you are using for all intents and purposes is probably fine.