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Good Evening All,

I wanted to comeback and share my solution to this issue with the UMC22, the Cloudlifter/Fethead, and the SM58 mic. After receiving a message back from the Cloudlifter folks, it appears my issue was with the XLR cable all along. This is a relief but a frustrating one at that.

For reference and transparency, I am new to the audiophile world and purchased an SM58 mic with a cheap Behringer UMC22 audio interface to use for podcasting and streaming/gaming without a headset. The Behringer UMC22 comes with a TRS to XLR cable. Using the cable provided by Behringer will make the feedback/sound output very quiet thus the "need" to boost the gain with a Cloudlifter/Fethead.

Apparently, this is the wrong cable to use. An XLR to XLR cable is the correct cable and provides adequate gain for the SM58 without the use of a Fethead or Cloudlifter. However, I want to be able to boost the gain and have quality sound with the mic about a fist away from my face. I will keep the Cloudlifter and ultimately still upgrade my audio interface in the future.

Solution: Behringer UMC22 audio interface - XLR male to XLR female - Cloudlifter - XLR male to XLR female - SM 58 mic. Do not use the TRS end to connect to the audio interface that is provided by Behringer; it must be XLR to XLR in order to receive adequate sound AND to use Phantom power from the interface. This may be audiophile 101 but I hope to have saved some people some time and anguish since I am new to the game as well.

Thank you PTbreaker for trying to help along the way.