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Old 2nd June 2020
The irony on this thread got real!
When we throw around words like "suck" I just kind of tune that person out. I can't tell you how many times I have had to endure people telling me such-and-such an artist sucks when they just don't have a connection to the music. Who is appointed arbiter of taste?
Music (pop) is a very right now thing. It's like Amazon, wallmart, etc. it's not made to last, it's made to appeal quickly, mash the dopamine button, and is something slick and highly disposable as tastes quickly change. At some point popular music really detached itself from the arts in that regard. I find it difficult to even imagine that a musician could toil in relative obscurity, be discovered fifty years after her death, and then get canonized as one of the masters. You're lucky to get canonized now if you've sold ten million records, otherwise you just suck.
It really got me when we were slagging off Joy Division and Limp Bizkit in the same breath. I'm not into Joy Divison at all, but... really?