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Old 1st June 2020
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Help figuring out differences in vocal chain


I came across a post here on GS where a user shared a sample of his vocal chain which is a Manley Ref C -> Bae 1073 -> Distressor -> Motu 8A, listening to the audio he posted I really loved how his Ref C sounded and I tried a few test with my vocal chain but I cannot figure out how to get that air-smooth top end, mine sounds almost dirtier.

My vocal chain is a Manley Ref C -> Chandler TG2 500 -> UA Arrow. In this clip I used a Telefunken NOS 12ax7 tube in my Ref C (I did a test with a NOS Mullard as well).

I'm not understanding why I cannot get this clean - creamy vocal.

What it might be? The AD of the interface? Any suggestion is welcome.
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