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You would like to try a LavryBlue converter before procuring a PSX100 since the PSX isn't exactly a converter as per the modern standards and is outdated, as mentioned by many people on the forum, it doesn't sound as lush and open as the modern converters, you might not want to sacrifice audio quality and openness for level when you can get a satisfactory balance between both by buying a modern converter, along with which it gives you warranty support, peace of mind for getting it repaired easily.

Lavry Blue's are clipping capable converters and are very similar to their flagship Lavry Gold converters, the blues can run really hot and have sufficient headroom for analog clipping and saturation which is what you wanna try ?

They usually run for around 1.5k to 2k dollars depending upon what you want since it's a modular system, you can get as much as 8 channels of AD or DA with them or you can get one which has 2 channels of AD and 2 channels of DA for mastering purposes, which is what most people tend to purchase.

Do review anything and make sufficient tests/demos to see which one you like, in this era of loudness normalization, you might want to sacrifice a few dBs if you get way better sound.

Hope this helps!