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Lives for gear

Yeah been digging around for one.
Found an Apogee Rosetta 200 for a bargain - seems pretty cool with the optimizer and finalizer, Coda functions.
Figured I’d get it all set up (cabling, aes, etc)
And experiment a bit before dropping 2k+ on a Burl/AD+, etc. Plus adding another 2 I/O conversion never hurts. Might still grab a PSX down the line to compare. As long as everything’s synced up and using the same
Clock I could have four different 2 channel converters via my 8 channel AES Db25 Connection on the back of my Meteic Halo ULN8 ?

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PSX 100 All Day for the price. Still sounds Good in 2020. Gives that girth that a gold does when pushed. They go for next to nothing these days. Recommended.
*Edit* I’ve used the ‘Special Edition’ model. Don’t know about the original. My buddy’s got it on perms-loan. When I ask for it back for a project, he groans.