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Been using it on Windows and Studio One 4.6 since it came out -- think it sounds great, especially the Vintage Fender Jazzbass style one (for me).

Drag and drop in Studio One works from EzBass to midi, but it's a bit of a drag that you can't, for instance, drag and drop an audio clip directly onto EzBass. It works in Studio One if you first drag the clip out into the Files section, and then from there to EzBass.

However, anyone else having issues editing in the arrangement track? It seems to have something to do with the zoom/scaling (running on a 4k screen). This makes editing almost impossible which is a bit of a shame, although it became a bit better when I used the "reset all scaling" option in the pref menu. Yet, resizing and moving blocks around is still a hassle. Hope this will be fixed.

Also noticed that if you have your arrangement in midi in EzBass (but haven't exported the midi into Studio One) but you have "follow host" enabled, EzBass (or Studio One) doesn't seem to like loops very much. Really glitchy then.
Is the zoom issue happening on version 1.0.3?