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Dd you try any of the other Chase Bliss pedals, Dark World, Blooper, Thermae ? Which is the most adventurous ?
One of my bandmates owns Thermae and Dark World, but I haven't really paid attention to how they're getting used or what they're good for. otoh I have been very closely watching Blooper, reading every online review and watching a crap-ton of videos, vicariously trying to wrap my head around it so that when the time is right I can snatch one...but that's because I do a lot of work with multiple loopers, so having yet another tool of that nature is almost inevitable for me.

That being said, the few CBA users I know who own both MOOD and Blooper all seem to agree that MOOD is the more "adventurous" ...although the words they usually use are "inspiring" or "unpredictable".