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Transistor biasing is done for stability at operating point of the circuit. It stops thermal runaway and therefore avoids damaging the transistor.

When you say torn traces do you mean that they are no longer conducting properly? If so rerouting the trace is possibly an option - could be quite tricky though.

Yes if the transformer goes bad it could cause damage to the circuit if it does not have an internal fuse. If it has a fuse it should just trip the fuse.
When detaching some capacitors, I ended up pulling up the trace from the pcb. So I thought about getting a wire and soldering one end to the component thats soldered to the PCB, and then soldering the other side to the capacitor. This would completely bypass the trace, but still would connect the two components. My only issue is, what gauge wire should I use? The PCB trace looks pretty thin, and the wire I have in mind is about twice as thick as the PCB trace. Would this end up blowing anything up?