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Drawmer 1962 burned smell

Hi, Ive been using this preamp lately quiet often and during long sessions. The unit gets hot, but I consider it normal , from experience with similar gear.

But today we had 4-5 very short brownouts (less than a second long) and coincidentally the preamp started to smell like that awful burned electronics we all know.

I immediately plugged it off, and opened it. the Power supply section was very hot. The toroidal was very hot and the heatsink for the regulator (?) was too hot to touch.
I also found a loose black plastic disc that surely popped off of a capacitor.

One of the capacitors seems to have "grown taller" rather than just bulging and the plastic cover fell off. this plasic has deformed from the heat i believe like a contact lens.

Do you think that just replacing this capacitor will make the preamp work normally again? Shoud I seize the opportunity to change other caps in the PSU?

Or could the overheating be caused by some other malfunction in the preamp?

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