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Why I still prefer Samplitude (or other DAWs) over ProTools.

Hi there!
First of all I would like this not to become a war between different DAWs. I'm just trying to make a specific point that corresponds to what I do and maybe someone who does something similar.
I am dedicated exclusively to classical music editing, therefore there are many special features of many DAWs that I don't use. I do not do mixing or mastering (with some exceptions just for me). I work together with a studio who do dedicate themselves to the whole process, they have used ProTools for years. Having said that, what I do is listen (hours of it), copy, paste, trim, cut and, above all, crossfading. When everything is ready, I send everything to the studio and they do the rest.
So going to the main point of this post:
Everyone knows that to obtain a good join between two clips it is necessary to use the crossfade.
Here is an example of how Samplitude (or any other DAW: Reaper, Studio One etc ...) handles crossfades:

And here ProTools:

So, my point is the following:
Those extra clicks that have to be done in ProTools in a session of many hours where you have to make thousands of cuts, become hours, making everything much more tedious. Furthermore, if one or more clips junctions do not work well when listened to in total (quite normal to happen), in ProTools you have to delete the crossfade, correct the clip cut, rejoin them and crossfade them again. In others DAWs that is quicker.
In my specific case and knowing that my editions will be sent to a studio that works with ProTools, it is important that the DAW can export in OMF or AAF format, in order to make everything compatible. For this reason I use Samplitude and not another also very good DAWs like Reaper or Studio One etc...
As I said before, this does not mean that one DAW is better than another, I simply state what is the best for my needs (and may be others) and I would also like ProTools to handle crossfades differently, or at least in the standard way that other DAWs do. May be one day...
I hope this post is of interest to many.

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