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Old 28th May 2020
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2-channel bedroom practice amp with FX loop

Hi there! I'm looking for a bedroom practice amp that has the following:
  • FX loop
  • Clean/distortion switchable with a regular FS-1-type TS cable switch
  • Nice, 'round' sound at high gain

I got a Peavey Envoy 110 around 10 years back and it has been my practice amp ever since. I do like the tone (mostly 'Modern' voicing with gain around 7 and 4/6/7 bass/mids/treble).
At rehearsals, I'm playing the classic Marshall + Tubescreamer combination, as well as an Orange TH30H which can sound a bit scratchy depending on the guitar, but overall I'm pretty happy with it.

Now I was looking for a way to use my effects board at home and be able to practice the tapdance while playing, which unfortunately doesn't work with the Peavey - no FX loop. Also I have a Bright Onion footswitch on my board that toggles some FX off when changing the channel, so that's where the need for FS-1 style switching comes from.

The logical thing for me was to get the Orange Crush 35RT, since it was hard to find a bad review, and I'm impressed with the clean and the softer crunch tones, much nicer than expected. As soon as distortion goes up though, I can't stand it. I get the 'Orange trademark sound' idea, but this is just unbearable for me. It's like the tiny bit of scratchiness that I already know from rehearsals suddenly erupts in a volcano of nuisance. Turning down the mids helps a little, but then the sound is fairly thin and brittle, and I would go so far to describe it as cheap and plastic. I'm not comparing it to the TH30H with a cab of course, but it's so much less fun than the Peavey.

Long story short - What would be your ideas to solve this?