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Old 27th May 2020
anyone built the TAC506 in the UK??

I am thinking of building the DIY kit supplied by Total Audio Control, the model TAC506 basic here

has anyone done this? I have a noise issue with my old lindell audio 506 mk1 power supply where there is a buzz on channel 1 & 2 nearest the 3 pin input on the back, I have heard this is a problem with the unit and why they quickly changed it to an external power supply, I might see if I can modify it because if there was a way to get rid of it I would do it.

at the moment my neve pres are on channel 1 and 2 and it's really irritating not being able to use them at the moment without noise problems at high gain settings, past around 50dB it stars becoming audible on condensers especially.

there's no way I'm spending a grand on an API unit if these DIY units are just as good, my guess is that they might even be better?

just looking for some opinions before I go ordering or modifying anything,