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Originally Posted by Prophonic ➡️
@ Guitarist9891 :
i heard good things about M300, but just 2 knobs for tweaking is tough, especially when a reverb pedal serves double duty as a "studio reverb", like the great rack reverbs of the 80s/90s.
Oh it definitely wouldn’t be my only reverb in the studio but it does have a cool vibe. When it works for the song it’s great.

I like to use it on mono clean guitar parts that are panned to the side. If it is two separate parts, for example an arpeggio and a long rake panned opposite each other, I like to apply mono reverbs panned the same as the track or a little wider. The m300 with the Radial EXTC works great in those scenarios.

If I only could have one reverb pedal I would get the Strymon BluSky. (Don’t own it but it is on my list)