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It's likely a good idea to have it to be compatible, to check sessions, do reconforms if necessary or just deliver sessions.

Getting stuff out of Reaper is actually very easy.

I use these tools to do so, and always check the session before I send it out with Protools 11.3.1.

Script set to legalize items so Protools has an easy time with them. It's 45 Euros.

Session conversion tool. Easily the best investment I've made aside from Reaper itself in the last few years. You can convert your Reaper sessions to Protools PTX sessions. $200. Gets you conversion options that work. Good support. Works on MacOS and the author guides you well if you have trouble there.

It pays to know Protools if you're going to edit and deliver in it. It's a pretty simple DAW and the audio editing is straightfoward. It gets the jobs done just fine, and you don't even have to use it for anything but your deliveries.