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Old 26th May 2020
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Portable amp for guitar & mic that is also an USB audio interface?

Hey guys

I love that I can use my iOS device as a looper. I'm using a Zoom U-44 to connect both my guitar and a mic to the iPhone. This allows me to loop both guitar and mic individually, and to apply effects (like reverb, guitar fx, etc.) to them. To play on the streets (busking), I used to have a Roland Cube Street a while ago. Today I need to get a new portable amp.

Now I wondered: while the Roland Cube Street allowed to plug a guitar and a mic directly into it, it wouldn't let me use my iPhone for looping. So I needed the Zoom U-44, and then directed its OUT to the line-in of the Roland Cube Street. After thinking a while: wouldn't it be possible to have a portable amp that can also be used directly as an USB audio interface? So I could connect my guitar and mic directly to the amp, and then connect my iPhone to the amp using an USB cable? This would be great!

Anyone knows of something like this?