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Outside hangs of 8 or more either side typically have a weather clause in the festival contract but street fairs with multiple stages, with 4 over two and such, need some kind of pre-approved rule of thumb.

Here in the swamp, rain showers which cause standing water on the raised stage or forked lightning closer than a mile (one thousand, two thousand, etc) results in a power pull. Lower the Genies, bag the tops, wrap the subs and console, flip the four-plex boxes, wrap the kit and piano, then wait it out.

After 30 mins it’s either passed or the promoters are calling it off until tomorrow. Spitting & drizzle is tolerated but anything heavier is the stage manager’s safety call. I agree that measuring dynamic wind conditions is a bit late for decision making. Calculating sail areas and centers of force is possible but not on gig day, I humbly suggest.