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Personally, I like GR Level 2 Analyst software for this purpose.

While you CAN get radar data on distant windfields (plus hail, lightning, and tornado-genesis), and therefore ADVANCE warning, you have to remember the half degree beam tilt angle on even the lowest pass of a WSR-88D volumetric scan.

This means you are looking up in the air at even modest distance away from the radar, and what happens thousands of feet up rarely translates to what happens at ground level.

This software also taps the storm spotting network, which gives you ground truth to go with the radar dataset. Pretty much whenever a storm generates even bare minimum severe level conditions, you get a string of spotter, law enforcement, and public reports on what has happened, in near real time.

It's up to you to familiarize yoursrlf with local ordinances and decide when and whether to send crew up to bring down flown rigs in advance of a storm.

My city actually spells out lightning requirements, basically faders down, power off until 20 minutes after the last lightning strike within 30 miles.

Here's a couple links to help out: