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Old 24th May 2020
Lives for gear

If you want a minimalistic setup, I’d recommend the MC-707 + TR-8S combo. Both have built in FX per sound and a mixer (the faders), so you don’t need a lot of external gear to make it sound good.

The MC-707 can do drums as well, but the TR-8S gives you hands on control of each drum sound, which is pretty important for me.

You can also sequence the TR-8S with the MC-707, so have all sequencing in 1 box and make use of longer clips etc.

You can also route the audio of the TR-8S into the MC-707 and/or vice versa. You can even route a selection of sounds of the MC-707 to the TR-8S, then apply sidechaining on it (with the kick to trigger it), then route the audio back into the MC-707.

Lots of routing possibilities and all stored per clip (MC) / kit (TR) so really flexible in a live situation, with just 2 boxes.

You can also add a few external synths and use the MC-707 as a sequencer AND mixer if you route the audio into the MC-707. But the MC-707 is capable of great sounds on its own, so you probably don’t even need that.