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The song is now longer. Longer intro (wanted to try it). Also small break between first chorus and second verse now. I added horns, have they improved the track? Have they hurt it at all?

Still want to do something with chorus to make it more distinct. and I will try 1 or 2 bmp slower when I record vocals for real. I will also get a guitar or sax solo for the end break section, but I'm leaning towards guitar as it's less cheesy.
I like this version better, it's really a great song, and well done, much better than anything I know how to do. It's like a lesson in funky disco music cause it has such a strong, light, just fun groove to it.

I listened close to the chorus, and musically I think it's different enough, but I suspect that funky disco groove underlying it, not being very different prevents 'lift off' for the chorus? I know it does change slightly in the beats, but the tone stayed the same........
an abstraction: I can, in mind, actually see the dancing feet, I used to love to dance, but I see them planting their feet the same way they did for the verse maybe with just a knee to the right.

Don't know if that helps at all, as it is it is still an amazing accomplishment, kind of perfect, great vocal work, so many talented people in here making crazy good music.