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Relax; there is a reason I posted this in the Moan Zone! You seem to only be able to measure success by commerciality - that's not the case for everybody. Some people are just looking for their niche, and would be happy just being there.

This isn't a pissing contest either. But since you asked, in the past month I've done 4 remixes/mixes in different genres for competitions, a psytrance quarantine live set and a dj set for radio, released an ep of electronic covers, made 4 tracks in a new genre I'm working on (which I think is kind of a new subgenre of Industrial - haven't heard anything like it, really, can't say for sure), I'm working on an album with my brother in a new genre/new territory for me (Greek type of music) and learning about streaming and vlogging as well, all while working 8 hours a day - so I've been busy too.

I've also tried to do a bit more commercial stuff in the past couple of years (a tech house ep which was originally for a ghost-writing gig), remixes of known artists in psytrance style, dabbled a bit with a slightly more commercial psytrance sound etc. It's not like I'm not interested in finding an audience, but I think having a somewhat unique voice is also important - what's the point of sounding just like every other artist out there? That's something that puts me off, personally. Just for the buckazoids? Nah, thanks. There has to be a way to do things without feeling like you're selling out. Get better at it? Absolutely. Comprimise here and there? Sure, that's life, but remember not to lose your individual voice just to be liked. That might work for people who only look at this like a job, but not for others.

Anyway, I started this thread in the Moan Zone just to vent. But since it picked up some traction, I like to listen to what people have to say; it's definitely helpful. And anything that seems like a good idea - and I've heard several - I'll try to see how I can implement. It's not that I don't care what you say, I'm just trying to find what can work for me, based on what *I* would like to achieve, not necessarily someone else's idea of success.
What kind of traction have you gotten from your efforts?

When it comes to success etc, the way I see it is, people are either all in or not. From what I've seen with my project in 6 years, you're either riding your project and riding it hard, or you're doing it as a hobby. If you ride it hard you get an audience, if you go at it mildly you dont get an audience, and if you do the bare minimum you get nothing either. You want to get listeners, you're gonna have to give them something to be excited about. I'm not sure there is much of an audience for Psytrance music right now.

Anyway I think there's a ton of useful info in here, good luck with your music.