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I guess I don't personally see that much difference between PA's marketing copy and anyone else's marketing copy, but I also don't pay as close attention to it as many here seem to! Anyway, I respect everyone's opinions here, but it would be amazing if there was something that PA could do to make amends with the people they have offended so we can all spend less time talking about marketing and economics, which, let's be honest, is nobody's expertise on this forum, cause that sht is BORING af and we all prefer music and software.

Not charge more for a license transfer than their weekend warriors cost

Not charge minimum 32$ for a 25$ voucher so you can actually use a voucher for license transfer cost

Not price their stuff an imaginary 399$ and dump them for 15$ after couple of months

Listen to customers who have bug reports or suggestions and not berate them and mark them as "negative"

plenty of what they could do