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I've contacted pretty much all organisers. They don't seem to be interested as my psytrance is more retro/melodic than current stuff. I was to play in a festival in Chile in December, but with all that's happened, it's highly unlikely I'll have money to go there. There is an agency that contacted me, but it's a small one with virtually unknown artists, although they throw parties, so I'll give it a go.
Suggestion: You want to play the shows, make music so you can perform live? Make music they're interested in.

I just think you need to come to a compromise type situation. You can't do it your way and then cry when things aren't happening when you do it your way. If you want people to be interested then maybe give them a bit of what they want.

I just feel like there's a lot of whining and not a whole lot of, "ok I will do things differently and see what happens". Since the thread started, I managed to finish 3 songs. What have you done since this thread started? Have you taken any of our advice? I'm basically doing the dad talk right now, I do the same to my kids lol. I tell them, don't whine if you havent tried the alternative that we've suggested.

Correction, the thread is 4 weeks old! Jesus I've worked on about 7 songs this month, and I have 2 kids and a wife mind you, so what's your excuse? I'm starting to get a little pissed off about this thread.

Stop thinking about doing shows, focus on making music that will get some kind of audience. I havent played a show in 2 and a half years btw, and my career has grown during this time, because people keep streaming my songs big time. Focus on your online fanbase and then start thinking shows, no one wants to discover acts live, unless they're fans.

If you cant or dont want to listen to my advice or other people's advice on here, then good luck. I dont feel sorry for whiners who don't change their approach.