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I'm sure I've forgotten a tonne of stuff too; you see it's not just about their emails, which i don't read and other direct marketing, there is constant drama and goalpost shifting; it's all unnecessary.
Yes, they are they are more eager to sell than several other companies. I will unsub e-mails and unfollow the socials of companies I find annoying. That way I am not annoyed and .. those who wish to get e-mails and marketing from their socials .. can do so. Problem solved for me and for others who wish to do so. For those who think or feel it is a problem and do not want it solved, good luck with not just PA but also with life in general.

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Just sell your product at the price that is going to give you the maximum profit and drop the coercion. It ain't rocket science.
I see some comments mentioning North Korea and Dirktator, and I wonder, is PA free to do business with those who wish to do business with PA?

The bottom line is this, the customer has the power to do business or not. This is where the true power is located.