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I'm sure I've forgotten a tonne of stuff too; you see it's not just about their emails, which i don't read and other direct marketing, there is constant drama and goalpost shifting; it's all unnecessary.
The one thing that really pushed me away from them was more recently; I'd submitted a support ticket, had no response for several weeks then on May 7th saw a post in their Facebook group stating that they were deleting all of their open support tickets, they blamed customers for submitting too many support tickets, and said that people would have to resubmit them if they still had an issue. Yes, they have since resolved it, but hat if I wasn't part of their group?

Why did this happen? Because they didn't have enough staff to handle support. This was utterly unavoidable, and even if they had got themselves into that position, they should be diverting Dev or QA staff onto helping with bug related tickets so their support staff could deal with sales issues.

They're putting all their effort into marketing and signing people up to a subscription to give them a consistent stream of income and then ignoring those very customers.

For what it's worth, I don't have a vendetta against PA and I still own and use some of their products. I genuinely hope that they listen to their less sycophantic customers and improve because of it.

Unfortunately, they don't seem to want to improve or hear people issues with the censorship of their Facebook group. They still seem solely focussed on marketing rather than helping the customers that got them where they are today.