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Yeah there was an incident recently where they said the sales would be ending which was a clear attempt to leverage people onto subscription, then they quickly backtracked. They changed the rewards vouchers to a minimum spend, gave a spurious reason and implemented imperfect solution when a much more obvious solution was available (link rewards to accounts). The whole voucher system is in of itself manipulative and unnecessary IMO and then the various gaffes around customer care and on social media. Obviously how they handled the Amek launch was also terrible. I'm sure I've forgotten a tonne of stuff too; you see it's not just about their emails, which i don't read and other direct marketing, there is constant drama and goalpost shifting; it's all unnecessary.

Just sell your product at the price that is going to give you the maximum profit and drop the coercion. It ain't rocket science.
The the voucher sharing and selling was one of the reasons PA went to the minimum spend of the vouchers....

Then days later vouchers were sent out and in the email it said please share these vouchers with your friends.

Then we had the 29.99 vouchers for all plugins...then we had the voucher cashback with the sub model...Then we had, as you say the AMEK exclusive to sub model after sending out vouchers previously stating you could spend them on all the new releases.

Then we had the really high insulting Intro price....Then you have the dynamic discount if you buy more plugins...then we have the multiple sub models...then we have Chaos.

Its Drama after Drama with PA and it is unnecessary...But they are in a catch 22

They want people to sub and yet want people to buy....

Why not just do what Soundtoys and Fabfilter and Valhalla do....

Look at waves and their never end sale model....I ditched waves cause of the rubbish installer, Wup and BS licencing....

At least PA have this area covered and are the best in the business. The PA installer and licencing model is perfect IMO...Its a shame about all the other nonsense....