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Well, I might have different expectations than some people. I did not find their facebook group interesting before they made it positive only. Bootlickers have been mentioned, which is fair, but what has not been mentioned is the doom prophets which cannot be pleased even if plugins somehow sucked their [email protected] and did their laundry everyday.

I could assume what you mean, but it is probably easier to ask you; what you mean by questionable marketing strategies?

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Dear chumps and other victims of plugin sales, if you find the e-mails from PA to be agressive marketing, unsub their e-mails now.
Yeah there was an incident recently where they said the sales would be ending which was a clear attempt to leverage people onto subscription, then they quickly backtracked. They changed the rewards vouchers to a minimum spend, gave a spurious reason and implemented imperfect solution when a much more obvious solution was available (link rewards to accounts). The whole voucher system is in of itself manipulative and unnecessary IMO and then the various gaffes around customer care and on social media. Obviously how they handled the Amek launch was also terrible. I'm sure I've forgotten a tonne of stuff too; you see it's not just about their emails, which i don't read and other direct marketing, there is constant drama and goalpost shifting; it's all unnecessary.

Just sell your product at the price that is going to give you the maximum profit and drop the coercion. It ain't rocket science.