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Speaking for myself the grubby feeling isn't from entitlement it's from their questionable marketing strategies and "community management" but I agree with both your points.

Another trend I notice is that when prices drop to sub $50 the plugins (and company) suddenly become "aliased trash", "lackluster emulations" or "generic sounding" even tho they were well received and reviewed at launch or when prices were high across the board. Grinds my gears.

If Softube or Slate or whoever went the $30 a plugin route it would happen to them.
thats true. one of the main conclusions from the ultimate plugin analysis thread was that the price or company size doesnt really matter regarding plugin quality.
best to check yourself during the demo, iE check what it does (plugin doctor) and compare (hofa 4U+ free autoleveling blindtest).

i cant find the post anymore but someone wrote MJUC sounds worse comparing to another compressor because its "cheap". those users are well legitimate to buy whatever they fancy if it makes them "feel the sound" better, but man they do indeed deserve any $ paying more for sometimes less.

edit: oh wow i found the "cheapness" post:
Pulsar Audio releases Mu, the ultimate glue compressor

made my day.