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Usually when somebody becomes the target of ridicule it's not just the people ridiculing you that need to take a good hard look at why they are doing it.

For instance, Plugin Alliance or actually Brainworx more specifically are known for ludicrous amounts of hyperbole and complete nonsense. For instance, early on when Brainworx made their first plugins they virtually claimed that they invented Mid/Side processing and marketed it very hard.

Not only has M/S recording and decoding and any processing inbetween been known since almost 100 years back but it had already been implemented in various plugins way before Brainworx even entered the scene. Extensive use of mid/side processing in plugins fame probably falls to mr Aleksey Vaneev of Voxengo.. not Brainworx. Yet they tried to market it very aggressively as their invention.

Same with this whole TMT component tolerance crap. It's just a marketing ploy for the most part and at least in my opinion it's extremely annoying how over the top they make it.

My point is: Plugin Alliance are digging their own grave with the extremely aggressive hyperbole and sometimes 100% downright lies in the marketing.

If you use extraordinary claims of excellence and go for the marketing strategy they use, you'll always see quite a lot of push back. Just look at how Slate is treated here. Having said that, bold words and incredible amounts of hyperbole seems to be the way to go for the masses. A large portion of the general population will never question things. Instead they choose to simply trust and obey. The strategy works. Every strongman wannabe Dirktator in the world knows this.
I agree with most of what you say but i think Waves was actually the first to implement M/S processing in plugins.their S1 MS Matrix was around pretty early in the game along with unlinked L-R in a lot of the Q and C plugins to take advantage of said matrix.either way.a decade or so before Brainworx