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The kudos bestowed upon the CM3/CM4 are motivated by their excellent value for money. European prices (20% VAT included):

2 CM4 270 €
KM 184 stereo set 1100 €
TF5 stereo set > 1400 €
Yes, the CM3/4 is more of a generalist mic, and a different price point to all competitors in the class...while the TF5 is conforming to Tony Faulkner's design brief ie non-spitty high frequencies, somewhat wider or 'leaky' cardioid pattern, flattering and neutral in the low end, rather than clinical...etc etc.

The harp miking exercise cited by Glen Bucci above could have substituted the CM4 for the TF5, for a very similar result (and a huge cost saving)...given the limitations of that recording space