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If it were my mic and this was to be the debut review and video I would have gone to some lengths to 1) secure a damned good RE to review it and 2) make damned sure the recording was made in a good space under the best of conditions. To do otherwise would be counterproductive. This is not rocket surgery.
If I were a mfr, in any economic climate...not just the current shattered one...and I had the choice of spreading my product's sales across a variety of potential buyer niches, rather than just a single relatively restricted and curated one (even if the latter was the declared initial target, through TF's involvement, guidance and endorsement), I think I'd run with the more diverse, spread the love and risks, buyer base ?

To artificially curtail sales, by creating an air of a niche specialist product, has to be counterproductive. The mic's high purchase price points in that direction (ie it not being a generalist mic) already....not to forget that in today's scrambled/decimated usage landscape, there are likely to be more small-scale video studio music events being filmed, than 60 piece orchestral sessions and concerts !