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feel free to start a private dialog with me at manthe ( a t ) gmail ( DOT )com (obfuscated for the bots). I'll be happy to help u learn in any way possible.
Thank You very much.....I don't really want to be a producer at all......or a burden to you.

I just want to cover the basic needs so my music sound polished.

1. good tracks (decent mic position, little compression with my grace 101) I can do that myself (I could propably be better)

2. Mastering, with (V-vocal which I did use 1 time, and thought it was pretty good) EQ balance between instruments, surround panning (which I would love to know how to use) create good space and distance......

3. Be able to use Drum loops, all my songs have a constant drum beat through the song, which adds no dynamics at all, Session Drummer would be cool, and I bought Loops from Betamonkey????(anygood?) To cure this problem.

That would be it, I would be happy, the rest would be icing on the cake....

I imported one song (about 7 tracks) this past winter thinking, I will just get Sonar going make loops cut and paste, rearrange song parts to fit my needs add some drums, fix pitch problems, speed or slow tempo without quality loss, BOY WAS I WRONG!

I used garageband in a video class, and I was doing some of those mentioned above with ease....but it doesn't have the bells you get with Sonar.

Thanks, and don't be surprised if I mail you, cause I have a set of songs ready to go.

sorry to be long winded, to everyone, maybe I will pick up a dummies CD too