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Thanks Wag.

I had actually thought of trying to have the chorus in a different key. Any suggestions which key I would be good to modulate to if I did want to try that? Would I be better just “crashing” into a new key (and back) or use pivot chords? I could try going to major I guess but I think that may not work tonally.

I would love to work with a producer/writing partner who really gets the genre and in fact would enable me to make tracks that are much better, but finding that said person who would simply want to team up (rather than me hiring them) I think would be a tall order.
I'd have to listen to the song for days so that I knew it inside and out. Then I could get a feel for where it could go and make it stand out more.

FWIW, the genre thing is really more about arrangement (instrumentation). But songwriting is songwriting. That's why somebody can do a country song and somebody else can take that same song and turn it into punk rock. Look what Johnny Cash did with Nine Inch Nails "Hurt". Even Trent Reznor said that song was no longer his but Cash's.

If you like, I can record some ideas for the chorus and send them to you but it'll take me a while. I really have to learn the song well.