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Thanks for the feedback.

The first verse is just the same length as the second, so not sure why it feels twice as long? lol

My partner has just told me I should lose the horns after I spent a big part of the day doing them. She thinks there is too much going on so maybe losing the pad during the horns is a good call. She also thinks they sound a bit fake, but to me they are not that fake sounding.

I will have to think about if I keep them or not, live with them for a while.

Here is the latest version with the horns in the chorus as suggested earlier.
I am not sure why people can’t hear the chorus, it’s perfectly obvious to me.
I don’t like the horns at all and I agree with Jo, they are not convincing and they just add too much to what is already a very busy track.
I still think it would work slower and with this kind of groove based track that is going to be critical for any arrangement decision as the whole feel could change even with a few bpm difference.