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The song is now longer. Longer intro (wanted to try it). Also small break between first chorus and second verse now. I added horns, have they improved the track? Have they hurt it at all?

Still want to do something with chorus to make it more distinct. and I will try 1 or 2 bmp slower when I record vocals for real. I will also get a guitar or sax solo for the end break section, but I'm leaning towards guitar as it's less cheesy.
I really like this track, very Jamiroquai. I like the horns but they kind of clash with the pad where they are. I might try losing the pad during those horn parts and that will help you develop more contrast throughout too. Also they need to come up, be featured a bit more, and maybe drop the guitar down a little, not too much, just enough so it's still doing the rhythm job but not in your face so much.

The 1st chorus seems twice as long as it needs to be, the last chorus is banging right on though, you got a little magic there for sure. There's a LOT going on in this track but it feels really good, I think mainly due to your amazing vocals.