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Thanks for all the feedback everyone!

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The other comments are good but they presume you wanted to make a 'radio country tune, and that has no chance no matter how hard it's polished. But the tune about dancing a bit so.......

While the song is weird to listen to, it would be a good novelty tune for the thousands of country bands that play the elk and eagles lodges of the county where old people dance (I went to see a neighbors band twice in such a scene, wonderful to observe), as say a middle to end song, just to break up the dancing and get people laughing with the weird pauses, maybe have the lead player really ham it up like he's playing some Paganini, laughter helps people connect.
Yeah, country radio isn't what I was thinking, I'm not deluding myself thinking it's got pop appeal. But... I *do* want that authentic country twang and something-something that the radio stuff has lost. Your Paganini idea is right up my alley, while I was making those little breaks I was imagining a video that switched at that moment from a typical countryside setting to a baroque ball. I was going to fully arrange that little break for a small chamber ensemble and might still do that, you caught the flavor I wanted to go for there.

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I really like this....I think it leans towards pre punk art rock as much as it does country, puts me in mind of The Modern Lovers, if it was mine I'd try and push it further in that direction.
Ooh, cool comparison, thanks, love that group. That's another great suggestion to move it in that direction. That'd be more stripped down, maybe lose the violin and doubled acoustic parts, and amp up the room on the drums.

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Ha, I love it!
It is kind of Prog-Country. Very nicely done and unique.
The performance is very good and has a live feel without the horrible over quantised machine music I tend to hear so much of.
Mix is good, everything is in place and serving the whole.
I don’t think you need to change anything TBH.
Thanks! Probably not going to get quantized sounding performances from me, even if I tried really hard, lol.

Again, thanks to everyone for the feedback both positive and negative!