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Old 23rd May 2020
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Hi all,

This is my attempt to follow up an old idea as now I'm trying to focus more to songwriting/arrangement.

The song is in my native language, based on a poem by wifey/vocals about "ticket for riding a rainbow". The song follows an indie/dreamy/post-rock vibe, with walls of sound and texture.

Self critique:
1. I understand the importance of contrast in mixing, so I tried to provide one in a segment before the chorus (you call it a bridge, right?). I just don't feel exactly sure it's working nicely.
2. The bass is lame, since I'm still learning to program the bass, couldn't found the right sound and just fill it with a virtual Moog.
3. I also struggling to make the drums more connected to the song. Still relying from MIDI presets with simple editing.

Feel free to listen and comment!