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I know, a metal building is problematic. But if you were to use some sort of spray-type insulation all throughout the interior of the metal building, could you eliminate the noise/reverberation? Especially if you constructed another room within the metal building - with mass loaded vinyl,etc.?

Contractors are super busy in my area. This would probably cut construction time in half.

Your thoughts?
Half a life time ago i had a studio like that, due to permanent construction limits in the lot we were operating. and had zero problems with it (except it got pretty hot in the summer), BUT our inner walls were between 0.5 and 1 meter thick, ceiling too, all mass loaded with vinyl and PKB-2 and rockwoll.

You could record drums or play stuff at maximum volume and you wouldn't hear anything outside the door.

We had an acoustic engineer do the project and i recommend the same. But you'll loose a ton of space and it's quite a bit of money on raw materials.

Good luck.