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Exactly this, and that's translating why it's so easy to match the sound of this EQ against the bx_digital v3. Man, even the built-in THD it's just a plain soft-clipping .. what a shame!
It's crossover distortion which is actually worse i'd say than a generic tahn or whatever function.the THD's in all the desks and the 2098 EQ are not all identical as i see people keep saying.they all are basically soft clipping functions,but they have sensitivity to certain frequencies which is what i would expect for desk modelling(they still dont sound good though either way.probably the way they are implemented).the only one that actually is a generic waveshaper and i am confused it got so much praise is the HG-2.there is absolutely nothing special about the DSP in that plugin.

I sent PA an email about why da fewk there is crossover distortion in a mastering EQ.if they even answer i'll post the response here